Various Ways of How to Protect your Mobile’s Touch Screen for Better Longevity

Protect your Mobile’s Touch Screen

Cell Phones were made to make our life easier when landlines had a limited range and coverage to reach people during emergencies. Often our family members got confused when they were unable to reach us during unavoidable circumstance. Mobile phones were like god gift for all of us who wanted to stay connected with distant relations. However, initially this mobile phone was quite expensive a there were limited brands and network that assisted us.

Now, we have tough competition among brands and it gets us more options but difficulty in making our choice. There have been many brands that have taken over market like Samsung, Nokia, Oppo, HTC, Micromax etc. they are all international brands that have been in this market since years. However, there are few Chinese brands which are also reliable like Oneplus. It is Shenzhen based company, which is introduced by Pete Lau who was the vice president of Oppo and now is the CEO of Oneplus company. Till date the company has served 34 countries and areas.

Protect your Mobile’s Touch Screen

Another best Chinese company is Vivo which is possessed by BBK Electronics and was launched in 2009. They make smart phones, online services, accessories, and software. They develop their own software which is used in their App store and iManager. It is now considered one of the manufacturers among the top ten companies in the world.

However, as discussed above there are many brands which make our decision difficult. Thus it is wise to compare the prices and features of all brands. Too make your life easier,, which is India’s leading online site, has brought all ecommerce and online sites together on one page to help you compare prices of all electronic devices together.

With new brands and latest features, phones are getting very complicated. Latest technology enables us to access anything from one location. However, if you have complicated phone its maintenance is also lot difficult. Nowadays, touch screen is the one which is seen in every hand. There might be ordinary touch screen or complicated ones. However, if you don’t manage your screen well it might get damaged too quickly. This happens only when you have less knowledge and use touch screen phone badly.

Here are few ways of using touch screen phone smartly so they have long life –

  • Touch screen is delicate where you access everything with your soft skin which is on your finger but we generally touch it with our nails that damage the screen and you can see scratches on it.
  • Touch screen are delicate so even if you press it lightly it can sense your touch therefore there is no need to press it hard.
  • Keeping it exposed it sunlight or heat can disturb the coating of liquid gel present in it. This liquid gel enables us to see different colours and shades on phone, thus keep it somewhere cool.
  • Keep your screen clean by wiping it from a soft fire cloth. When you keep using your phone it gets in contact with your cheeks, ears and hands which makes it dirty and oily of course, this makes the touch feature less capable.

If you follow these minute steps, you can always maintain your phone in good condition for a long time.

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