The Best Blast Service Provider for Malaysian Enterprises

Best Blast Service Provider

A blast SMS provider is a web-based platform that creates customized messages and it is sent to a huge group of people at the same time. It’s quite often used in enterprises and is currently considered the most efficient way for enterprises to link with their clients, increase their customer reach, and raise brand awareness. One great and reliable sms blast service provider for Malaysian enterprises is One Way SMS.

Why It Has Become So Popular?

Quite recently, the use of blast service provider for Malaysian enterprises has doubled. The key reasons behind most enterprises and organizations shifting to the use of One Way SMS to better their marketing campaigns include:

Best Blast Service Provider

  • Higher potency: Blast SMS services are more potent and efficient than emails and other messaging options that require having an internet connected device. This is based on the fact that more than 98% of the Malaysian population has access to a cell phone that can receive SMS text messages.
  • No downtime and overcrowding: SMS-based technology saves a great deal during crisis situations when there are data overcrowding. SMSs do not require the use of data for them to be delivered to the target audience which means even during downtimes, the messages will be received promptly.
  • Do not have limitations: More advanced mass texting platforms require the installation of certain apps on the mobile devices of the target audience. This means you must invest real time to convince the target audience to install such applications. When it comes to the SMS technology, no app installations are required as the messages are sent directly to mobile devices of the end user.

Why It Is So Effective?

So many things have contributed to the undisputable efficiency of SMS marketing. Here are some of the aspects that have made SMS messaging one of the most effective marketing strategies:

  • Real-time message delivery: When it comes to SMS marketing, there are no issues with delays. Based on studies, it is confirmed that only less than 10% percent of Americans don’t have instant access to their mobile devices. The remaining 90% always have their cell phones close to them so there is no doubt that your SMS will be read and responded to.
  • Higher Success: as per the study, it was confirmed that of all the SMS sent more than 94% are seen, opened, and read in less than 3 minutes after they are received. This means that there are better chances of your audience responding to the SMS within the least time possible.
  • Uses best marketing channels: Everybody who uses a mobile phone knows how to open and read messages. This clearly means that SMS marketing utilizing the most common communication channel that every target audience understands how it works.


There is no doubt that SMS marketing is the most effective and reliable technology for enterprises and organizations. However, since not all SMS marketing platforms can be relied on, you need to be careful when making your choice. It would be better you settle for established and reputable web SMS platforms such as which offer a whole lot of customized SMS services.

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