Learn The Motorcycle Laws Of Nevada

Are you a motorcycle operator or rider in Nevada? Are you planning to hit the roads soon and enjoy some of the beautiful rides in Nevada? Before hitting the roadways on your motorcycle, make sure to read and understand the traffic and safety laws of Nevada here.

As per law, all motorcycle operators and riders are expected to wear a helmet along with protective eyewear and face masks.

All motorcycle riders should make sure that they wear helmets on a highway and protective eye glasses and face shields. Eyeglasses and face shields can be avoided in cases where there is a transparent windshield or windscreen already installed on the vehicle.

For motorcyclists who are participating in a local parade, riders and operators do not have the need to wear protective devices and clothing.

The traffic laws of Nevada that applies to drivers also applies to motorcycle operators and riders.

However, there are also specific traffic laws for motorcycle operators which includes having the right to use a complete lane in traffic, not required to ride next to a vehicle in the same lane, not have to pass another vehicle in the same lane, not have to ride between vehicles that are travelling alongside one another or stopped vehicles. Also, motorcycles cannot have more than one passenger, cannot ride more than two-wide in one lane, passengers have to ride astride behind the driver on an attached seat, have to keep one hand on the handlebar always and handlebars cannot extend above the shoulders of the operator. As per law, the motorcycle equipment requirements are one or two headlights, stop or brake light with a visibility of 300 feet minimum in the day, a red tail light with a visibility of 500 feet minimum, at least one reflector with a visibility of minimum 300 feet under low beams, front and rear brakes, front and rear electric turn signals on motorcycles, rear-view mirror on each handlebar, adjustable footrests for passengers, front and rear wheel fenders, horn and muffler.

Motorcycle accidents are quite common these days because of the negligence of drivers and passengers. Such accidents can lead to many damages and injuries due to the lack of protection that riders have as compared to passenger vehicles. Injury victims of Nevada motorcycle accident have to pay enormous money on medical bills, personal damages, health care and lost wages.

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