How to Prevent Your PC from Overheating

How to Prevent Your PC from Overheating

Every computer is made of a lot of parts and all of which generate heat while they are working. Most of the computer parts and hardware like processor or graphics card can get hot more than the iron grill even you can boil an egg on them. Heat not only makes your computer slow but it can also cause some serious issues and sometimes permanent hardware damage as well. That is the reason, there must be a cooling system to keep a computer’s part cool. Computers made with the latest technology can shut down automatically or refuse to operate if facing overheating issues.

Here we have listed some ways to keep your computer cool to prevent it from overheating.

How to Prevent Your PC from Overheating

Put Less Pressure on your PC

If you are putting more work burden on your computer than its capacity, it will generate more heat than the normal. For instance, if a software or computer program requires 4 GB RAM, then you shouldn’t run it on a computer with 2GB RAM. Always be sure to check the PC requirements for each and every software and computer program you install and operate in your computer. Putting less pressure on your computer will keep it running smoothly without facing PC overheating issues. Also, try to invest in computers according to your work requirements and needs. If you often play games with heavy graphics, you should prefer a heavy-duty computer with a great capacity graphic card.

Check the Cooling System of your PC

A computer is unable to ventilate properly when it cooling system or fans are not working accordingly and it will end up as an overheated PC. If you are aware of the PC parts, you can check the fans yourself to find out whether they are working or not. Normally we hear a sound ‘vroom’ right after turning the PC on and it is the sound of fans that cool the different parts of PC down. If you are unable to listen this sound, check the cooling system of your PC or visit a reliable computer repairs in your town to get the issue fixed before your computer breaks down due to overheating.

Provide a Breathing Room to your System

Let your computer breath to provide you with optimum performance. Check the location of your PC and make sure it is placed at somewhere airy. If there is something around your computer that obstructing the air flow, be quick to remove or change the location of your computer to provide a breathing room for better performance. Let the air pass to your PC properly to it will remain cool. Also check your computer dust and clean it regularly to make it dust free.

Keep the Case Closed

Most of the people think that open case of the computer keeps its parts cool and prevents overheating. It is not a logical fact because dust is always there that can dust and wreckage block the cooling fans faster to prevent them from cooling the PC down. That’s why, experts always suggest that you should run a PC with closed case not only to prevent overheating but to keep your PC away from dust particles and other pollutants.

Upgrade Your CPU Fan

As name shows, central processing unit of a computer it the most important and expensive part of a system that contains expensive hardware like motherboard, processor, RAM and graphic cards etc. you can keep it from overheating by upgrading the cooling fan of your CPU. A built-in fan may not cool your system properly, that’s why replacing it with a better one will help you prevent from PC overheating.

Keep your Computer Clean

Dust particles and other pollutants on the different parts of computer and cooling fans are one of the common reasons of overheating that you can easily prevent by keeping your PC clean. Open the case of your PC and clean its parts often to keep it running properly without facing overheating issues.

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