How to become a Paralegal

A paralegal is an individual who is qualified by educational training or work experience to work in a law firm and assist the lawyer. A paralegal or legal assistant is trained in subsidiary legal matters but not fully qualified as a lawyer. In order to become a paralegal, candidates can get some formal education from community colleges, which offers two-year paralegal programs or colleges and universities which offer four-year programs. Some law offices recruit candidates with a two-year certificate or degree. However, according to the National Federation of Paralegals Association, employers prefer paralegals who have a four-year degree and so they suggest aspiring paralegals to put their time and efforts in getting a bachelor’s degree. Bachelor’s degree programs in paralegal studies and legal studies are not different and have similar coursework. Other professional organizations such as the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) and the National Federation of Paralegals (NFP) suggest selecting a program that is approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). Candidates can work as an intern in a legal setup while studying in their paralegal programs. An internship gives on the job experience to candidates and also provides them an opportunity to get hired as an employee after their graduation in the law firm. Apart from law offices, paralegals may also look for jobs in various organizations such as banks, insurance companies, community legal services, consumer organizations, professional trade organizations, real estate companies and legal departments of different firms. Paralegals also get a chance to work in the public sector and in the state and federal government agencies. Paralegals who already have gained experience may be able to explore various opportunities for career advancement such as getting promoted, moving higher up to managerial positions and increase in salary packages. Employers expect paralegals to have strong analytical abilities, understand the importance of attention to detail and stay updated with the developments in technology. Personal Injury Attorney Adam S. Kutner who has been providing trusted legal representation to injured victims in Nevada has a job opening in his law firm for a Paralegal.

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The law firm seeks a Paralegal who has one year personal injury experience, one year paralegal experience and preferably knows Spanish language. Being a bilingual is an added advantage for the candidate. The full-time job requirements of a Paralegal are that he must have worked in the last three months, have knowledge of the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure and all relevant procedural deadlines; know how to draft legal documents and pleadings, which also includes complaints, affidavits of service, pre and post litigation pleadings; knowledge of an experience with filing complaints and effectuating service of process. The main duties of a Paralegal involves calendaring court hearings, statutes of limitations, and all other applicable deadlines, tracking litigation costs on each case file, taking direction from managing attorneys and following through with assigned tasks and performing a number of other similar or related duties.

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