Cybersecurity: The Technology Casinos Use to Prevent Cheating



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Online casinos have been gaining in popularity for quite some time now. Aside from the fact that, nowadays, virtually anything has migrated to the online world, people simply seem to prefer the practicality of visiting an online casino, as well as the diversity they’re presented with content-wise.

That being said, the matter of online security becomes more pivotal than ever. Aside from the players themselves that need to ensure safety on their end, online casinos should also do all in their power to provide their visitors with an environment that’s as safe as possible. However, the also need to ensure that the possibility to cheat the system, as well as outside breaches, are reduced to zero. So, with that in mind, let’s see how online casinos use technology to prevent players – or anyone else – from cheating.

Algorithms are there to protect the players

Since the online gaming industry is probably among the most profitable industries, generating billions of dollars every year, it’s no wonder that some people wrongly presume that online casinos are cheating their players out of their money. Simply put, that’s not the case. In order to be able to attract players in the first place, you need to ensure them that this sort of thing absolutely cannot happen in your casino. That’s precisely why all the reputable online casinos use various random number generator (RNG) algorithms to keep the odds fair. These algorithms work both ways: they prevent the casinos from cheating their players and prevent the players from being able to guess the outcome of their hands or spins.


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AIs monitor addictive behavior

Gambling addiction is a valid problem and many people look down on online casinos as something that enables and even supports this addiction. However, that can’t be further from the truth as almost all online casinos nowadays employ the help of various AIs to monitor for any signs of addictive behavior and stop it in its roots. Since there is already so much stigma surrounding the world of gambling as is, this was a necessary step to both reduce the chances of developing this serious problem and to ensure the world that online gambling is not as toxic as some people paint it to be.

Foolproof payment methods

Another thing that sets truly respectable online casinos from the rest of the bunch is the payment method they choose to go with. The majority of casinos already use reliable payment channels, but the most trustworthy one is definitely the casino PayPal collaboration. Since PayPal is the world’s leading online wallet and it already has impeccable security employed it comes as no surprise that leading casinos have chosen to team up with it. PayPal offers you complete insight into your deposits at all times, enabling you to always stay aware of the money you’ve spent/earned. However, the only downside is that, in some cases, it can take a while to have your PayPal and bank account linked, but since you’ll be asked only once by PayPal to provide your bank info this significantly reduces the risk of getting your information stolen.

Single-account systems are pivotal

Furthermore, aside from all the other ways online casinos are ensuring their safety, single-account systems have already been implemented in the majority of online casinos. Basically, this means that you can’t make multiple accounts and use all of them to boost your winnings. The way this works is by tracking both your bank account and your IP address – as well as your provider – so that there really is no way to cheat the system. Even if you manage somehow to make more than one account, chances are you’ll be discovered very soon and you can even be prosecuted and banned forever, which is definitely not something you want to risk.


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But, can you still cheat?

In theory, yes, you can still cheat the system but only to a certain extent. One way it is possible to cheat an online casino is to team up with friends and sit alongside each other while playing some card games, such as poker. This way, you’ll be able to pass on any information among yourselves in order to have the best-positioned one win. However, even though you can definitely do something like this, it still offers you only an increased advantage and doesn’t guarantee you that you’ll win.

So, with the help of the latest technology, the online casinos have managed to create a safe environment both for themselves and their players. And while it still may be possible to make a breach, especially since the technology is ever-evolving, the chances of that happening are virtually reduced to zero.

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