Become a Data Driven Organization with Future On Field AP Technology


We cannot deny the fact that othe il and gas industries are big industries nowadays and they must deal with big data to handle their growing demand for environmental and safety performances.  As the world is moving towards advanced technology and remote devices have changed the old methods in organizations, many large oil and gas companies are adopting modern ways for storage, organizing and process big data. This adoption helps them to boost up working in the organization as well as aid to business revenue, saving time and money.


Oslo, Norway based digital firm FutureOn provides visual engineering for clients worldwide in the Oil and Gas subsea domain. FutureOn has come up with an advanced tool for oil and gas companies to help them advance into the digital use of raw data.

Future On digital oilfield software Field Activity Planner (FieldAP) is designed for the comfortable environment as it can be customized to offer exactly the specifications expected.

Software users can:

  • interact visually with their assets
  • access up any data from any source
  • rapidly work together to solve problems
  • protect proprietary data of each participating company.

FieldAP brings all the data about the field into one centralized digital environment to help customers see more about their assets from every viewpoint and worthy collaboration, which makes it possible for them to make economically wise decisions.

Furthermore, FieldAP allows you to access the data regardless of place and can visualize the digital 2D and 3D data – providing with real-time cost analysis. It offers the instant Real-Time Global Collaboration reduces accelerates timelines across your entire project life, because FutureOn ensure that you can collaborate on field design and planning with your co-workers around the world to save time. So All stakeholders can now see the same information, at the same time.


Following are the key benefits of FutureOn’s Field Activity Planner.

  • Collaboration across the board
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Quality of communication
  • Speed of process
  • Avalibility in the cloud
  • Enabling digital working environment

Are you planning to conquer the hurdles of faraway data planning and take one step towards to future? Learn more on FutueOn website to bring advancement in your business.

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