A Step by Step Guide to Convert WMA to MP4

Convert WMA to MP4

There are many programs that will convert WMA to mp4, and many of them are actually free to download and use. The following tutorial uses Format Factory, but the process is similar to what you would find in other software converters.

Step 1Download Format Factory or whatever converter you chose. Follow the instructions during the installation process. Step 2In Format Factory, click the Video tab. This tutorial makes an audio conversion, but mp4 manages videos too. Either way, WMA files will be played. Step 3Select “All to MP4″.

Convert WMA to MP4

After a new window appears, select “Add File,” and choose the WMA file you want to convert. Step 4Open the file and you will be returned to the main window. Click Start and watch as the conversion takes place. The blue status bar will notify you of the progress. A “complete” message will appear when the conversion is finished. Web Based Conversion There are also websites where you can do the conversions.

Step 1Look for a converter online via a search engine. There are many available and they are almost always free to use. Step 2Press “Upload” or “Select File” and click browse. Look for the WMA file that you want to convert. Upload the file; this may take some time depending on the file size and your Internet connection. Step 3The input format is usually WMA but if it is not, then choose WMA from the options.

Step 4Choose mp4 as the output format. Make adjustments to the file settings if you want. Step 5Click convert and the process will start. Now you just have to wait for the conversion to end. How to Convert WMA to MP4 with Jooste Conversion Program Step 1Download the software if you haven’t done so already.

Install the program. Step 2Click the browse button and choose the WMA you want to convert. Step 3At the top of the menu is a mp4 button. Click it and select it as the output format. Step 4Choose a folder for the file you want to convert. Step 5Click the convert button. Convert with MP4 MP3 Converter Step 1Download the program and install it.Step 2Launch the software. After clicking the add files button, choose the WMA files that you want to convert. Open the files.

Step 3Choose mp4 as the output format and click the button labeled convert. That is basically all there is to convert these files. As you can see, the process is very similar across different programs. It doesn’t matter if they are online or not, the procedures do not vary a great deal, which is good for the user. Some Facts about Mp4Mp4 (Motion Picture Experts Group-4, MpEG4) is a video format that can hold films of high quality without occupying too much space.

The best way to think of mp4 is that it is the video equivalent of mp3. However, mp4 can also store sound just like mp3s.If you want to learn how to convert WMA to mp4, the process, as shown above, is very simple. All you need to do is find one of those free conversion software and install it. And if you don’t want to download a file, then simply look for an online site.Dick is a student and he is learning and sharing his experience of converting WMA to MP4.

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