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Somatropin Review

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Prior using any strong steroid, it is highly recommended to have a proper knowledge about it and look out for all possible side effects. Somatropin is a potent human growth hormone booster that is more popular among bodybuilders and athletes for enhancing their physical and athletic performance respectively.  Somatropin is often prescribed by doctors for children with short stature and for people facing lack of certain growth hormones in their body.  The dosage of this injectable form of human growth hormone depends on various factors like age, body composition, condition and desired result.  While planning to use this medication, you must know that how it will work on your body. The best is to go with the doctor’s advice and stay on a minimum effective dose initially.

How Somatropin work on our body?

HGH is not recommended for everyone to treat various hormone deficiencies. Some people are very sensitive to the drug and can encounter various dangerous side effects. You have to get a prescription from a doctor to get it legally. Although, many children as well as adults are prescribed Somatropin to treat Prader Willi syndrome, chronic kidney failure, Turner syndrome, Noonan syndrome, Short bowel syndrome and for AIDS or HIV positive patients who face severe weight loss problems. When it comes to promoting the muscle mass, you can find a list of dosage recommended on bodybuilding websites. But, you can hardly rely on them as the effect of Somatropin varies from person to person. Depending on the hormonal disability, the initial dosage of 0.004 mg per kg is prescribed to be injected daily. The maximum dosage can be around 0.012 mg per kilogram for habitual Steroid users.  For non weight Somatropin therapies, the minimum effective dose ranges between 0.15 mg to 3 mg daily.  People going through Somatropin therapy must visit the doctor in every five to eight weeks to get the level of growth hormone properly monitored and thereby indulge in any change in their dosage cycle.  The maximum daily dose depends on the condition for which it is being taken and can be far more than average or minimum dosage. For example, the dosage recommendation of Somatropin for a person suffering from Cachexia is 6 mg on a daily basis while it can be about 0.15 mg for children who are facing lack of overall body growth.  Apart from Somatropin, to treat such disabilities it is necessary to maintain a proper diet rich in nutrients and proteins along with appropriate bedtime.

The dosage of Somatropin must be taken responsibly to avoid the common ad risky side effects which come with it.  Bloody urine, tingling or needle sensation, neck pain, constipation, rectal bleeding, cold hands and feet,            improper touch sensations, stomach ache and swelling are the most common side effects which the users face  Overdose of somatropin can also cause blurred vision and seizures, severe weaknesses and fatigue and decrease in the amount of urine.  Also, you have to maintain distance from the medication if you are diabetic or suffer from any heat disorder.

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