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Smartphones Which Can Be Upgraded To the New Android Kit Kat

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The new Kit Kat

1) is the yet to be released brand new version of the OS, v4.4. Previously, this version was named as ‘KeyLimePie’ and later abandoned as it was not widely considered as a sweet. However experts consider this was a shrewd marketing move.

2) In line with naming its OS after dessert, the Android team has named this version ‘KitKat’, making a deal with Nestle which would give out free Nexus 7 Tablets to individuals who wins its contest. The previous version was named ‘Jelly Bean’ and included only minor changes.

3) This KitKat version is expected to be released along with the new Nexus 5 smartphone, which would be substantially increase the capability of Nexus line.

4) Some of the major mobile manufacturers have already stopped updating the Android after version 4.0 or 4.1 because of lack of hardware features such as RAM. However this new model is slated to be compatible with old and new devices. In fact, one tag line by KitKat reads, ‘It’s for everyone’.

5) The life size KitKat Android figure was unveiled at Google headquarters, coinciding with the event of iPhone launch.

Android Kit Kat


1) White color for all the icons in the notification area. The black and blue combination has been finally dropped by the Android team. Possibly some other white feature would also accompany this change.

2) High resolution, 1080p with 443 pixels per inch, perfect for devices with 5 inch screen.

3) Optimization of Linux Kernel to support devices such as HTC, LG, Samsung, and Sony that has less RAM specifications.

4) Improved Paranoid Android (ROM) to enhance installation and updating in the devices, possibly with an automatic installer.

5) The rumors that the color of notification area and the change in shape of debug icon were proved to be false and these features will remain the same.

6) Better looking UI7) Revised color scheme8) Cloud based system9) Better Battery life10) Smoother screen orientation11) Improved security12) Bigger Global network coverage13) Wireless charging detection state Devices that will be compatible with KitKat:


1) Galaxy S4 – Original, Zoom and active2) Galaxy S3, S23) Galaxy Note4) Galaxy Mega5) Tablets – Galaxy Tab1, Tab2 and Tab3Sony

1) Experian Z family2) Mid-range Xperia such as Xperia M, Xperia C3) Tablets – Xperia Z and Xperia SLG

1) G22) Nexus 43) Optimus L3, L5, L74) Optimus VU5) Optimus G and G ProHTC

1) HTC One, HTC One X, HTC One X+2) Desire X, Desire V3) Droid DNA, ButterflyHow to update to KitKat:

1) All the Nexus devices can be instantly updated once the version is released.

2) For some devices, there are ongoing plans to use “segmented firmware” method through which the update can be done in separate segments. Google is planning to release some features such as themes, backgrounds etc. in Play store so that users can update them, thereby making the later installation easier. Currently, Google is updating all its apps in large scale, prior to the release.

3) All other devices will have to wait till their device manufacturer decides to release the firmware.

The release date of KitKat is expected to be in the mid-October, as mentioned in the Facebook wall of Nestle Germany. The new Nexus 5 phone can be bought on eBay once it gets released. For more information about this you can call sky contact number and get your doubts cleared.

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