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Methandienone: Pros, Cons And Side Effects

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  1. It is Dianabol’s generic name and it was first created by Ciba. But Ciba Dianabol has been withdrawn from the market due to sever risk chances. Today, many people still call it Dianabol or D-Bol and it also came to be known by the name methadienone. Sometimes there are confusions among people as what this is, because sometimes a modern D-bol product will list this as its generic name. It is active in enhancing the strength and endurances of the consumer. This will also ensure you to lift heftier weights for lengthier time period, which will definitely advance the effectiveness of your weight lifting program.


  1. D-bol has remained very popular for more than half century and is more prominently used by bodybuilders. There are number of reasons for the wide growth popularity of this product. One of the palpable reason is it endorses weight gain. It aids bulking up very effectually and so is used in “bulking cycle”.
  2. These gains are rapid unlike the slow acting ones. You don’t have to wait long before you realize all these gains. Finally, D-bol is the choice of many bodybuilders because its side effects are very predictable.


  1. It suppresses the natural production of testosterone. This is the reason why it is invariably used and accompanied by testosterone supplements.
  2. It also side some androgenic side effects. This includes excessive hair growth on the body and face, oily skin and severe acne. It can also accelerate male pattern baldness.
  3. There are chances of liver damage too, and for this reason the product is not used for longer period. Cardiovascular complications are also very common. This product, known by the name methandienone, is banned by about every sports body in the world.

It is used to help build muscle and shred body fat, similar to many other oral steroids on the market today. Originally it was manufactured by German chemists and is used successfully as a tonic in the 1960’s, but later it was discontinued because of the masculine effects caused by the steroid. Some more experienced users will take the tablets at a daily dose of 50 milligrams. Though many users take 100 mg as a daily dose, but are strictly not recommended. Although it is banned in many countries, yet it can be given with prescription. Today, many bodybuilders can buy it from elected pharmacies to help them build up their muscle mass.

For novices, the dose depends on what they are exasperating to achieve. Beginners are often looking to first shred excess weight and then initiate to build muscle. Beginners are advocated to take on a cycle that lasts at least 6 weeks with a dosage starting at 20 mg. While it is most often used during off season cycles, it can also be effective during cutting cycle, when the goal is cutting excess weight. It is rarely used at the end of a competition cycle, though it is possible. It can produce a great physique with near perfect nutrition. But for this purpose, Anadrol is significantly more effective.

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