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Building Your Company’s Online Storefront

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Starting a website from scratch can be a lot like staring at a blank canvas. Your imagination can take off with all sorts of possibilities, but when it comes to actually creating something, things get a little more complicated—and a lot more technical. Luckily, enough people have been in your shoes for there to be a big market for website-building tools, so you’re not going to be left alone in the Matrix of HTML coding.

Building Your Company’s Online Storefront

The Resources You Need When preparing your site for business, you’ll need to get some essential components in order: Website Host: The first step is choosing a web host provider who will maintain your site by providing the server on which your site is located, allowing users to access it.

 Look for companies that specialize in small business web hosting to find a service that fits your needs for space, expected traffic and design. Domain Name: Typically, your domain and web host will be one and the same business, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to take this step lightly. Your domain name affects your memorability, reputation and appeal, so choose something that’s easy to spread by word of mouth.

However, don’t neglect search engine optimization (SEO) when choosing your name either. Design: Unless you’re making a website for your independent art gallery, you might need a little help with web design. Nice is a great website for inspiration that pools together results from Dribble, Balance and Designspiration, three of the most popular resources for web design.

 You can search for any common word or phrase and turn up a plethora of results, which can jump start your design engine and help you craft the perfect image for your brand. Answering the “why” for Customers Let’s turn the camera on the customers for a minute.

Why should they care about your site? No business can survive without its customers, so it’s important to emphasize what’s in it for them. A reliable website makes their lives easier because it makes your company more accessible, and a nice design makes your message more palatable. In today’s busy, tech-driven world, just having a website with a simple, memorable name with all the information a person could want is what customers need when juggling the information overload of daily life.

Answering the “why” for Businesses When the customers are happy, you’re happy. But you don’t have to break your back to make them happy, and that’s why web design has benefits beyond the basics. An informative, easily navigable site saves you time and money because it offers a more organized outlet for customers to turn to for store information, FAQs, special announcements, and other timely information they might otherwise call for.

A functional website keeps your online presence vibrant and current, so you can maintain your brand image while working behind the scenes. Unlike the pre-tech world where customers would bravely enter an industry without having thoroughly researched it online, customers today expect to know everything about you before they even meet you. If you don’t control your own brand, you leave it up to the customers, and this means that one disgruntled Yelp reviewer can turn away crowds of potential business. Make your first impression meaningful by creating a business website worth sharing.

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